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 Setting up a new blog is kind of fun. I can easily remember why I was so addicted to it. A clean slate. Everything is fresh and new. I had also forgotten how many things that need doing. Customizing templates, adjusting sharing options (to be off for the most part), and setting commenting to be moderated. "Discouraging indexing" is not the same as private, and the last thing I am interested in these days is visits from assorted paperback priestesses who figure that they are the guardians of all knowledge.

I do have a new post percolating, and I have decided that I'm going to use the About Me page as a place to set down my own manifesto for the coming years. I just need to sit down and meditate on it a while before setting fingers to keys. I will probably write it down on paper first, actually.

I am trying to be patient for my kit from the OBOD to get here. I know intellectually that it is coming from England, and it is the holiday season, but I want it NOW!!! *stomps foot*

Ah, well, I guess I have other things to get done. Holiday cards, printing photos, getting things to the mail on time. Finishing up the shopping. Yada yada. I am so very looking forward to a quiet Solstice - simple candle light, yule log on the television, reading a good book, and then a good long sleep.

That's about all I've got right now because other things are pulling at me - mostly coffee. I love seeing the sort of work that folks are setting into motion to prepare for the coming years. So many little things are providing a glimmer of hope that things won't be as bad as we fear. It is all starting to feel like faery lights right now. Especially this new turn on the Standing Rock protest. I don't trust it, as tempting as it is to feel relieved. 

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