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 Funny how I said that I wouldn't use this place because it wasn't user friendly anymore, and yet here I am spending a good deal of my time reading the Friends' Page (wish I wish had more to read), and posting because I just don't really feel like Facebook is a place where I can be open. I am still using my new WP blog, but for short status updates, I just toss it out there into cyberspace, and while I do like getting the instant-ish feedback of FB, I don't really care if I am just talking to myself.

I don't like how FB censors people of colour more than others. I don't like how they will pull down a page for making fun of Nazis, but will not take action on the pages of ACTUAL self-described Nazis because somehow hate is not against their community standards, but calling out hate is. Screw that. FB can be for knitting, bitching about random #firstworldproblems, and surface level coordination. Anything more in depth or anything that might identify one as a target (for those of us who are able to pass) is best not put there. I hope that others of like mind are already creating safer spaces for themselves.

And while FB fuckery is at best a minor annoyance, I can't help but feel that the coming years will find it a lot more collusive with fascist ideologies than previously thought. At the end of the day, FB is a for profit company, and doing the right thing is very rarely the same as doing the profitable thing.
Mwahahaha!  No, I am not going to tell you what I am referring to.  You have to figure it out.  If you can get it, you get a cookie (internet godiva chocolate - guaranteed to make you lose weight!).

I will give you a hint ... chances are you will see it on your f-list (and outside of my posts) ;)  Plus, to show I am a nice Witch, you can ask one yes/no question :P

Bunnies = Spring.  This bunny eats winter.  He is a hungry little bunny.  Feel free to feed all your bad weather woes to the bunny.



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