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 This is a thing that is happening. My plan was to wait until I had completed the custom Blythe-style doll before I started this one, but it turns out there is a learning curve to this thing, so I will be doing some study and learning and some base sculpting because I already have a sculpting medium I can use for practise.

The devotional Brigid doll will be a ball jointed doll (or bjd). The first step to creating these is a sketch or a blueprint that is 1:1 scale. I have decided that the standard mini of 44cm (or 17.5″) is going to be large enough. Thus far the dolls I have worked on have been Barbie sized (or 1/6 scale). This will be close to a 1/4 scale. As I’m not used to working with a doll that size, I will definitely be needing the blueprint to keep proportions correct.

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Is the Yahoo group we have been invited to use for the planning of Wickets.  Everyone who is interested can sign up Here.  I want to thank Sana and her honey for their generosity in offering us a place to plan so that I don't have to learn how to run a Yahoo group :)

I am going to put up a temporary filter for Wickets discussion and planning.  It is really only until we find an alternative method of communication.  I really liked the idea of a Yahoo group.  I think that would be great.  Anyone who wants to be in on the planning stage, reply to this post and I will add you in.

Thanks folks, for your support.  Note:  You can still be in on the planning even if all you want to do is read.  I am not going to make people be more involved than they want to be - I know that a lot of folks are still burned out from the planning of PC.



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