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 Finally made a decision about my blog. I'm nixing it. I'll keep the articles and whatnot, but when the domain expires in October, I'll let the domain return to a free wordpress site. I might hide it or I might just let it all fall into obscurity. 

I returned it to public status, but with "search engines discouraged", archived the pages and blogroll, and left up a static front page with a notice to any of my followers who are interested to read it. 

I liked to think that maybe I could go back to having it open and writing my thoughts on life and paganism - my little corner of the internet. But, I really don't see any way that that could happen. At the very least, I would have to move it to a different domain, change the usernames and remove all photos of my kids. And it's a long shot even then. Probably best to just let it go.

I will miss it though. There are 8 years of growth, change, magic, and energy in those pixels. I am hoping to keep it, and find a way to download all of the content so that I can properly archive it to a pdf or something. Sort of like a memory album. We'll see how that goes.

I made a list of other stuff that needs doing in 2017. Hopefully, it will help keep me from spinning my wheels when I inevitabley get distracted and/or forget.

Thus ends an era.
 Setting up a new blog is kind of fun. I can easily remember why I was so addicted to it. A clean slate. Everything is fresh and new. I had also forgotten how many things that need doing. Customizing templates, adjusting sharing options (to be off for the most part), and setting commenting to be moderated. "Discouraging indexing" is not the same as private, and the last thing I am interested in these days is visits from assorted paperback priestesses who figure that they are the guardians of all knowledge.

I do have a new post percolating, and I have decided that I'm going to use the About Me page as a place to set down my own manifesto for the coming years. I just need to sit down and meditate on it a while before setting fingers to keys. I will probably write it down on paper first, actually.

I am trying to be patient for my kit from the OBOD to get here. I know intellectually that it is coming from England, and it is the holiday season, but I want it NOW!!! *stomps foot*

Ah, well, I guess I have other things to get done. Holiday cards, printing photos, getting things to the mail on time. Finishing up the shopping. Yada yada. I am so very looking forward to a quiet Solstice - simple candle light, yule log on the television, reading a good book, and then a good long sleep.

That's about all I've got right now because other things are pulling at me - mostly coffee. I love seeing the sort of work that folks are setting into motion to prepare for the coming years. So many little things are providing a glimmer of hope that things won't be as bad as we fear. It is all starting to feel like faery lights right now. Especially this new turn on the Standing Rock protest. I don't trust it, as tempting as it is to feel relieved. 
I did it.  I made a blogger journal.  I like it so far.  I have even made a post (but only one, so don't go all expecting anything profound).  I haven't put the profile in or anything yet.  It's kind of cool - and it gives me the option to host my blog somewhere else in the future if I don't want blogger to host it anymore (which is a neat feature).

Anyway - to anyone interested, it is easy to find.  It is basically the exact same address you use to find this journal, except that 'blogspot' goes where 'livejournal' was.

(why do I keep typing blogsport?)

So far I have looked at Typepad (owned by 6A, so that kind of defeats the purpose), Greatest Journal and Blogger (which I am beginning to believe is the same thing as Blogspot). So far, Blogger is ahead. I like the style, I like the features ... I need to investigate more on if they have a linking page (like a FList), but so far they look pretty good.

I do still have Xanga to look into, and I want to try and dig up a few others.

Also, I LOVE LJArchive! That is a way cool program. I don't know why I didn't use it before. I am thinking I might try that one that converts your journal into a pdf, as well, though. I have started thinking that I might like a hard copy of my journal one day. Ingrained distrust of computers, I guess.

That is about it for now. I am done reporting on the drama at PC. I am trying to disconnect myself into not caring. I think I might make one last thread there to suggest that if they want to salvage the place, then they are going to have to go back to old style forum running. I doubt it will be well received. I guess it depends on how badly they want to hang on to the place. 

On days like today, when it is summery and gorgeous, I find it really hard to give a damn.


ETA - LJ saving programs are LJArchive and LJBook

Not Impressed

May. 31st, 2007 12:54 am
pt_tangles: (Pinkie Cute)
I am going to spend the next few days saving my old LJ entries to my computer HD in case something stupid happens. I will probably purge my interests as well.

And after that, I am going to start looking for a new blog. I have heard that Blogger is pretty popular. I have also heard some good things about Wordpress and I think Elf mentioned GreatestJournal, which I will prolly also check out. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Everything just went all to hell all at once, didn't it? I have the Beehive software downloaded and I will be testing it out this weekend. I would have done it last weekend, but I got this damned head cold instead. At least this way we can get Wickets up and running soon. Not a moment too soon, if you ask me.



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