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2017-05-16 11:33 am
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The Drama Mines

 So I spent the morning lurking on FB. Curiosity mostly, but also because I wanted to see if anything awful had happened south of the border yet this week.

It took all morning because the moment I opened feed I fell face first into a big pit of drama. From the venom of the childfree to abusers within the pagan community to a specific childish idiot flinging shit because he's bored again, it sucked away two hours of my life. I said nothing, but it did remind me just how much emotional energy is required to deal with the sorts of people who troll the internet begging for attention. It's similar to realizing just how many hours are in the day when you turn the tv off. 

I'm torn. I do miss my friends, but I don't miss the internet. I prefer to spend my days ​reading and wandering around in the sunshine to drowning in the neverending pit of social greed that is FB. Maybe I'm just lazy. Maybe I am rotten for caring more about my local life/community than bigger social issues. Maybe I'm just burned out. Still.

But I don't want to go back. Having finally made the leap of leaving my personal FB behind in favor of one where I can post my own thoughts without consequence, it seems easier to take that final step and walk away entirely. Part of me says that is the healthy thing to do. And maybe I will. I like it here. DW is a good place to be and think out loud. Instagram feeds my need for visual stimulation. Maybe the time for FB is done at last.

That would be nice.
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2017-05-11 10:52 am

FB Fast Check​-in

 Well, I had just typed out a whole post, and it has been eaten, so, there's that.
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2017-05-02 11:49 am
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Beltane Ramble

 A few things to get out of my brain before they are lost:

• I started writing a new blog. Well, an old blog renewed. - don't know why. I just did. Maybe because I didn't want everything linked to a pseudonym that I'm not sure about keeping. Maybe when I let expire, I'll buy one for the new blog. Maybe I'll just let it be.

• Less social media time. I haven't been taking the mental health breaks that have been suggested over and over, and I'm worn out on hate and anger and incredulity. I want to spend the growing season revelling in the beauty of nature instead of sitting helpless while a foreign country's​ heartless regime destroys it and everything else that is beautiful in life. I need rest. I am going to take it. And I am not going to apologize for it.

• More books. There are hundreds of classics that I have never read. Summer is for reading. There will be reading.

• Feri. I have signed up for Vee's class this summer. Re-reading Evolutionary Witchcraft as well, and finally working through the lessons. It's powerful stuff. Stuff that's needed.

• Also, old tv shows with coffee. This is my self care. It helps me remember what it was like before the rise of the regime.

• Poetry. I'm going to add more to my life. Reading, writing, finding. 

The sun is shining. I'm going to go out and soak some up.
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2016-12-27 11:01 pm
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There's That Done

 Finally made a decision about my blog. I'm nixing it. I'll keep the articles and whatnot, but when the domain expires in October, I'll let the domain return to a free wordpress site. I might hide it or I might just let it all fall into obscurity. 

I returned it to public status, but with "search engines discouraged", archived the pages and blogroll, and left up a static front page with a notice to any of my followers who are interested to read it. 

I liked to think that maybe I could go back to having it open and writing my thoughts on life and paganism - my little corner of the internet. But, I really don't see any way that that could happen. At the very least, I would have to move it to a different domain, change the usernames and remove all photos of my kids. And it's a long shot even then. Probably best to just let it go.

I will miss it though. There are 8 years of growth, change, magic, and energy in those pixels. I am hoping to keep it, and find a way to download all of the content so that I can properly archive it to a pdf or something. Sort of like a memory album. We'll see how that goes.

I made a list of other stuff that needs doing in 2017. Hopefully, it will help keep me from spinning my wheels when I inevitabley get distracted and/or forget.

Thus ends an era.
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2016-12-19 10:44 pm
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Devotional Doll - Baby Steps

 This is a thing that is happening. My plan was to wait until I had completed the custom Blythe-style doll before I started this one, but it turns out there is a learning curve to this thing, so I will be doing some study and learning and some base sculpting because I already have a sculpting medium I can use for practise.

The devotional Brigid doll will be a ball jointed doll (or bjd). The first step to creating these is a sketch or a blueprint that is 1:1 scale. I have decided that the standard mini of 44cm (or 17.5″) is going to be large enough. Thus far the dolls I have worked on have been Barbie sized (or 1/6 scale). This will be close to a 1/4 scale. As I’m not used to working with a doll that size, I will definitely be needing the blueprint to keep proportions correct.

More ...

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2016-12-13 02:08 pm
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So, About That ...

 Funny how I said that I wouldn't use this place because it wasn't user friendly anymore, and yet here I am spending a good deal of my time reading the Friends' Page (wish I wish had more to read), and posting because I just don't really feel like Facebook is a place where I can be open. I am still using my new WP blog, but for short status updates, I just toss it out there into cyberspace, and while I do like getting the instant-ish feedback of FB, I don't really care if I am just talking to myself.

I don't like how FB censors people of colour more than others. I don't like how they will pull down a page for making fun of Nazis, but will not take action on the pages of ACTUAL self-described Nazis because somehow hate is not against their community standards, but calling out hate is. Screw that. FB can be for knitting, bitching about random #firstworldproblems, and surface level coordination. Anything more in depth or anything that might identify one as a target (for those of us who are able to pass) is best not put there. I hope that others of like mind are already creating safer spaces for themselves.

And while FB fuckery is at best a minor annoyance, I can't help but feel that the coming years will find it a lot more collusive with fascist ideologies than previously thought. At the end of the day, FB is a for profit company, and doing the right thing is very rarely the same as doing the profitable thing.
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2016-12-04 01:43 pm
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Settings and Bios and Junk

 Setting up a new blog is kind of fun. I can easily remember why I was so addicted to it. A clean slate. Everything is fresh and new. I had also forgotten how many things that need doing. Customizing templates, adjusting sharing options (to be off for the most part), and setting commenting to be moderated. "Discouraging indexing" is not the same as private, and the last thing I am interested in these days is visits from assorted paperback priestesses who figure that they are the guardians of all knowledge.

I do have a new post percolating, and I have decided that I'm going to use the About Me page as a place to set down my own manifesto for the coming years. I just need to sit down and meditate on it a while before setting fingers to keys. I will probably write it down on paper first, actually.

I am trying to be patient for my kit from the OBOD to get here. I know intellectually that it is coming from England, and it is the holiday season, but I want it NOW!!! *stomps foot*

Ah, well, I guess I have other things to get done. Holiday cards, printing photos, getting things to the mail on time. Finishing up the shopping. Yada yada. I am so very looking forward to a quiet Solstice - simple candle light, yule log on the television, reading a good book, and then a good long sleep.

That's about all I've got right now because other things are pulling at me - mostly coffee. I love seeing the sort of work that folks are setting into motion to prepare for the coming years. So many little things are providing a glimmer of hope that things won't be as bad as we fear. It is all starting to feel like faery lights right now. Especially this new turn on the Standing Rock protest. I don't trust it, as tempting as it is to feel relieved. 
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2016-12-02 01:46 pm
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The Sparkly Season

 December has dawned and winter is upon us. I finally got my snow, though you could barely guess looking out the window this morning. Sometimes, I like it that way. It makes the shared experience of early winter snow special since there is no evidence in the light of a crisp clear winter morning to remember the previous day's soft mauve magic. If you weren't there to feel the flakes on your nose and eyelashes, then you missed it.

I don't think I can fully express the uplifting of spirit I felt on Wednesday night when I looked out the window to see that it was finally snowing. All the stress that had been piling up through the month of November just lifted away. I don't know what it is about the first snows. They just make the world seem so magical. That greyish pink sky, the muffled quiet that no one dare break - hot drinks and shy smiles, people huddled in front of fireplaces chatting about nothing of substance - sometimes I think that living in a country like Norway or Iceland would be like having the Sparkly Season all year.

I have been reading up on Iceland, since I hope to vacation there next year - apparently it is quite different from Canada. The description of the differences make me think that it is a country of introverts. From Jolabokaflod (Christmas Book Flood), where people buy up dozens of books to give as gifts for the tradition of spending Christmas eve reading, to the custom of not talking to people when you see that they are out with family or friends (because intruding on their time is considered rude), I think that the hermit in me could be very happy there.

In Norway an entire culture has sprung up around the procuring and burning of firewood. People spend hours searching for the right trees, chopping them down, bringing them home, and creating the firewood piles that will keep their families warm through the long winters. People use the time they spend chopping wood as a sort of meditation and exercise.


When I was a kid, I hated stacking firewood - well, less the stacking, because the puzzler in me does get a little addicted to that part - it was more the dirtying of my clothes and the slivers. Being an adult whose hands finally do fit into work gloves, and who knows how to dress for that sort of work, I can definitely see the appeal in it. Especially now that I am the proud owner of arthritic shoulders, I think that wood chopping would be a pretty good exercise for me over all. Yet another reason for "wood burning fireplace" to be on my new home wish list.

Winter makes me want to burrow under blankets with a warm cup of something tasty and just snooze and rest until spring. Unfortunately, I have errands to run, and plans to make for the last couple weeks of school, so hibernating will have to wait. Until then, I am going to fill up my cup repeatedly, and wish for more snow.

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2016-11-29 09:06 pm

Testing again

This time I'm just gonna say TEST! And be done with it.
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2016-08-02 01:48 pm
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This is a Test

 Of new post linking set up.  Gimme a shoutout on facebook if you can see this there.

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2013-09-11 07:30 pm
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Tempted to Care ...

 I don't often poke my head out of my hidey hole to have a look at what Pagandom in general is doing.  I find it's better for my blood pressure that way (not to mention that it keeps my eyes from rolling out of my head), but every once in awhile I see something on FB or G+ that catches my eye.  This time it was a woman having doubts that magic or anything she believed in was real.  Now, I'm not tempted in really any way to boost her confidence in the unseen.  That is a journey that folks need to take on their own.

What caught my eye was someone else trying to explain magic and timing by using a farming analogy.  The analogy was basically that if you plant in winter (specifically corn), then you will be disappointed with the result, but if you plant in late summer, then you will have the result you are looking for.  

I could assume that the blind leading the blind issue has gotten a lot worse considering that it's pretty clear that this person has not studied the WOTY, nor seems to have any kind of concept of the seasons.  I checked, just to make sure, but I'm pretty sure that even in Arizona, you don't plant crops at harvest time.

I think I should consider myself lucky that I have been out of the community long enough that my first instinct is to just roll my eyes and move on.  Ah, well.  Maybe this means the fad is dying off?
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2013-06-05 10:57 am

Copyright on Purchased Patterns

I'm asking this here, because just about everyone I know who would probably know the answer hangs out here.  At least I hope you all still do :)

If I purchase a pattern for something, say a sweater or a skirt or whathaveyou, can the designer put the condition on the copyright that I cannot then sell the product that I have made?  To me it seems like reaching.  I get not reselling the pattern online, but if I've paid for the instructions, do they really retain the right to decide what I do with something that they didn't make?

I've seen this a couple of times on patterns on ravelry, and I'm thinking that that really can't be enforceable in anyway.  Just because you design something doesn't mean that you own all connections to it until the end of time.  It's reasonable if you are giving it away - maybe - I'm not up on copyright law - but it would seem to me to be in line with having a school teach you how to do something (run a business, lets say) and then saying afterwards that you can't run a business that makes any money because the knowledge you now have is copyrighted to them.

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2013-01-17 01:46 pm

Guess I Should Give Tumblr a Break

 I think I managed to offend every kid on that site by suggesting that they make use of adjectives that don't contain "fuck".  Aren't I an evil nazi bitch.  Why do I bother with that site again?  Is anyone over the age of 25 on there other than me and Lupa?
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2012-12-31 01:19 pm
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Wait a Minute ...

Why exactly am I justifying my culinary decisions to you?  GF cooking is sticky enough if you aren't used to it (or don't know what you're doing).  GF baking is another level all together.  I've been doing it for two years and I am still not proficient enough to wing it.  

I'm happy for you that "letting dough rise" is no problem for you.  When you've made GF baked goods from scratch, and they came out tasting just like the "regular" version, then talk to me about how terrible it is to look for shortcuts for folks who are new to GF living.  It's enough of a strain on your wallet to try and get GF versions of regular food, making Sabbat meals GF should not make your life even more difficult.

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2012-11-26 11:07 am
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Blogging like a Boss!

 or a fiend, or whatever blogs ;)

I've still got a bit of catching up to do with the PBP, but I'm on that.  WP says that my Wheel of the Year page has been getting a lot of visits lately.  I think that I ought to work on that some more.  At least do December.  I meant to add it to my regularly scheduled postings, but I got lazy, and then I forgot.

The Wheel is daunting to me.  The pages for my blog will basically be a compilation of what I know, believe and practise.  That's a lot of work.  People write whole books on it.  And I'm putting it all on a blog.  

Or, I suppose I could put intros on the blog pages and then put the rest together into book format.  I always figured if I ever wrote a Pagan book it would be either about entertaining or about the Wheel.  It would be cool to be a published author.  And a few extra bucks now and then can't hurt, right?

We'll see.  My spare time is not a constant thing.  Neither is my level of productivity.  I guess I'll start one holiday post and see where it goes from there.
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2012-11-23 01:14 pm

Talking to Myself

 Been a bit bored today.  I sketched an idea for an Aquarius painting, and I've written 3 blog articles.  Which got me to wondering if I should be putting my stuff out there a little more again.  My blog has its followers, but I know I could be reaching more folks.  Witches&Pagans magazine accepts articles and artwork (and pays), and I know that there is always Witchvox.

Does anyone go to WV anymore?  I know I haven't been there in a long time, but there seemed to be no shortage of articles.  There is an awful lot of 'How I Became a Witch/Fluffy/Not Fluffy/Etc' articles, which is just stupidly boring.  How many conversion stories can you really read before it just all blurs together?  Yeah, yeah, Christianity wasn't for you; you read a book and it changed your life.  Yawn.

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2012-10-14 07:22 pm

Phae Gets a Face

 So, I think I've narrowed my Rrrrticle down to two choices.  Either an exploration of my "Realm" (aka Land of the Phae) or a stream of consciousness exercise entitled "Randomness".  

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2012-10-06 06:01 pm
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Almost Caught Up

 So, I just finished up P.  I have Q started (I started it before I'd finished N, just never got around to finishing it).  R, S and T and then I will be all caught up.  My summer was pretty good, thanks :)  How have all of you been?

I have an idea for what I want to write about for S, but I'm finding myself a little stumped on R.  I'd love to do another short story or maybe do an image for one of them, but I'm not really sure what.  T, maybe trees or totemism or travelling.  

I'm also gonna get back to doing the Witchy Wednesday meme, when I remember.  It's really important to me that I embody the 'Blogginh Without Obligation' tag that I have on all of my public blogs now.  Somehow it helps me to keep things in perspective.  Just that little graphic and the pledge not to beat myself up if I don't blog every day or even every week.

I also got a comment encouraging me to go back to working on my Wheel of the Year section as well.  And snooping around my blog, I found that I could pretty easily get a handful of book review posts up pretty quick as well.  Time to start scheduling again so that I don't have to worry about things getting done on time ;)

I've recently finished the line art for my Halloween painting.  I have a great idea for one to do for November as well.  The November one involves snow impressions  - which is another area that I've never really explored before.  I love trying new techniques.  It makes me feel like I am really moving forward rather than catching up on rusty old skills.  I think I may call the November one something like 'A Thousand Words' or '50,000 Words' in honor of NaNo.

What would be really fun is to team up with someone who planned to write and have them use one of my paintings as the base for their NaNo submission.  That would require getting my snow painting finished before November, which wouldn't be impossible. Hmmm, anyone wanna do NaNo but don't have an idea yet?  If I get no takers, I may advertise that idea on my blog.

That's about all that's new and interesting with me.  Time to turn Gobbles the turkey into the sink to finish thawing before he goes in the brine for tomorrow.
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2012-07-19 06:10 pm

Fat Pagan Pride

I know I shouldn't have, but I have been reading the blow-up about the 'Pagan Obesity Problem' and the equally hyperbolic responses that claim that any mention of obesity causing health problems is body shaming and that obesity isn't really a health problem, it's a discrimination problem and if everyone would 'mind your business', then everything would be magical and puppies would shoot out of rainbow unicorn asses.

Uh, yeah.  Calling absolute bullshit on that one.  You are never going to convince me (no matter how many interwebz links you find) that being morbidly obese is healthy.  Your skeleton was not meant to carry 400+ lbs for 70+ years.  There have been multiple studies that show that things like cholesterol aren't weight related, they are gene and diet related.  That's old news.  But that isn't the only measure that decides if a person is healthy.

Also, if I read one more Fat Pride article that says, "I tried starving myself on an 800 calorie a day diet and exercise around the clock, and I didn't lose any weight', I think I will scream.  How can you live in such a tiny bubble that you don't know that starvation diets cause you to gain weight rather than lose it.  Your body is programmed to store fat to save your life in the case that food sources become scarce.  The minimum daily caloric intake for women is about 1200 calories a day (I know this because my journalling app kept yelling at me when I was too sick to eat much of anything for about a week - also, I looked it up).

And you know what?  Assuming that everyone who thinks that obesity is unhealthy is trying to shame you is not Fat Pride.  It's not any kind of pride.  It's a defence mechanism built upon years of hurt feelings.  Spitting venom at the 'norms' or whatever you want to call the 'others who aren't your kind of other', is not the way to deal with hurts.  It's not activism.  It's not pride.  

I'd say that it's about time that both extremes of this issue 'get over themselves'.
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2012-06-22 11:28 am
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New Blog New Ideas

So, I did go and get a blogger blog.  Several actually.  I've been flipflopping on the name.  Right now it's at - I'm liking it.  It's pretty.  I've been having trouble with focus lately.  It's summer, and this is the season that I am naturally all over the place - taking care of the house, cooking, playing with the baby, cleaning up after the baby, feeding baby, washing baby, etc with baby ;)

I am letting go of the idea of having a regular religious practise.  At least for now.  I've never been very good at it.  I'm good at holidays generally - when there is cooking and decorating and visitors etc.  Moving repeatedly and far away has kinda wrecked me for this year.  I'm sure by Mabon I will be back in the swing of things.  The cooking holidays were always my best :)

And now ... the point -> )