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 So I spent the morning lurking on FB. Curiosity mostly, but also because I wanted to see if anything awful had happened south of the border yet this week.

It took all morning because the moment I opened feed I fell face first into a big pit of drama. From the venom of the childfree to abusers within the pagan community to a specific childish idiot flinging shit because he's bored again, it sucked away two hours of my life. I said nothing, but it did remind me just how much emotional energy is required to deal with the sorts of people who troll the internet begging for attention. It's similar to realizing just how many hours are in the day when you turn the tv off. 

I'm torn. I do miss my friends, but I don't miss the internet. I prefer to spend my days ​reading and wandering around in the sunshine to drowning in the neverending pit of social greed that is FB. Maybe I'm just lazy. Maybe I am rotten for caring more about my local life/community than bigger social issues. Maybe I'm just burned out. Still.

But I don't want to go back. Having finally made the leap of leaving my personal FB behind in favor of one where I can post my own thoughts without consequence, it seems easier to take that final step and walk away entirely. Part of me says that is the healthy thing to do. And maybe I will. I like it here. DW is a good place to be and think out loud. Instagram feeds my need for visual stimulation. Maybe the time for FB is done at last.

That would be nice.
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