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 Finally made a decision about my blog. I'm nixing it. I'll keep the articles and whatnot, but when the domain expires in October, I'll let the domain return to a free wordpress site. I might hide it or I might just let it all fall into obscurity. 

I returned it to public status, but with "search engines discouraged", archived the pages and blogroll, and left up a static front page with a notice to any of my followers who are interested to read it. 

I liked to think that maybe I could go back to having it open and writing my thoughts on life and paganism - my little corner of the internet. But, I really don't see any way that that could happen. At the very least, I would have to move it to a different domain, change the usernames and remove all photos of my kids. And it's a long shot even then. Probably best to just let it go.

I will miss it though. There are 8 years of growth, change, magic, and energy in those pixels. I am hoping to keep it, and find a way to download all of the content so that I can properly archive it to a pdf or something. Sort of like a memory album. We'll see how that goes.

I made a list of other stuff that needs doing in 2017. Hopefully, it will help keep me from spinning my wheels when I inevitabley get distracted and/or forget.

Thus ends an era.
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